AR Lab presents at NIGHT OF THE NERDS

1300 visitors! On Saturday October 8 2011, the spectecular ScienceCentre NEMO in Amsterdam was the heart of the second edition of "Night of the Nerds". Also the first edition - in October 2010 - was a huge success.

The Night of the Nerds was not just a colourful showcase of spectacular subjects that speak to the nerd, but also a tribute to the nerd. They are in luck because nerds are hot & handsome these days. According to research, there is growing appreciation for nerds in the Netherlands, and the public ascribes a major role to them in future technological developments and innovations.

Here an overview of what was happening there!

Below a picture of the AR Glasses that are in development for crime scene investigation (CSI) as part of the project of TU-Delft and the Forensic Institute. Now no markers are used, but real time natural feature tracking.