AR Lab at the Van Gogh Museum during the Uitmarkt

During Uitmarkt 2010, which is the national opening of the cultural season in the Netherlands, the AR Lab made an installation for the Van Gogh Museum Friday Night event on August 27.

To mark the completion of the restoration of Van Gogh’s "The Bedroom", this Friday night will be devoted to this world-famous work. We made an installation based on the painting "The Bedroom", which makes it possible for visitors to discover the painting in a playful way. The painting is shown on a big screen, and by use of a digitally modified spray-can, visitors can reveal information which is normally inaccessible, like x-ray, infrared and ultra violet images, or even the back of the painting!
The project was conceived by the AR Lab – a part of the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) – and supervised by Wim van Eck. ArtScience student Matthijs Munnik was in charge of the interactive part of the project, and ArtScience student Arjen Zuidgeest was in charge of the interface.