Glasses with 'live' subtitles

A research project at Leiden University is been underway to produce glasses which will aid the hearing-impaired by displaying subtitles in real-time: SpraakZien (roughly translated as SeeingSpeech). Four students at Leiden University’s linguistics department have been experimenting with these glasses. The idea behind it is that eye contact is often broken in conversations with people who are hearing-impaired. SpraakZien picks up on that by incorporating speech recognition software to translate speech into text, in real-time. The project is headed by neuro-linguistics professor Niels Schiller and phonetics professor Vincent van Heuven at Leiden University’s Centre for Linguistics (LUCL). The four students expect to complete their experiments mid-December. Following that, they will write an article about the results. Read more about this project on Leiden University’s website (Dutch only).