The many faces of AR

Last year Google launched Project Glass, a vision of the future of AR. The company has not limited itself to that type of AR, however, and has also developed a ‘soft’ version; Google FieldTrip. The article "The World Is Not Enough: Google and the Future of AR" on the website of The Atlantic takes a closer look at the Android app and also features an interview with John Hanke whose in-house start-up at Google developed it.

In short, the app is a geo-publishing tool which, by aid of algorithms, prompts information to users’ about interesting sights, stores or restaurants near their current location. Users tag their posts with geocodes; the app in its turn collects these tags. At the same time, a critical note on the type of information the app sends to users is in order; in some respects it sends alerts that are not useful at that moment.

Take a look at Alexis C. Madrigal’s article at The Atlantic’s website.