The Walküre (Valkyrie), an augmented opera: IST project KABK students

Introductory course for KABK students (IST)

The Walküre (Valkyrie), an augmented opera (research project)

Would you like to create visuals for a live opera using new visualization technologies? On Friday the 16th of December students of the Royal Conservatoire will perform “Die Walküre” by Richard Wagner at concert hall “de Vereeniging” in Nijmegen. The AR Lab, our academy’s research lab for scientific and artistic research on Augmented Reality and other novel visualization technologies, has been asked to create visuals for this live performance using Augmented Reality. Augmented reality is a technology which, in real-time, adds an extra layer of information/visuals to the real world. More information about Augmented Reality can be found on this website

During this course we will cover the following topics:
- Paul Scheepers of the Royal Conservatoire will give a comprehensive introduction to “Die Walkure”, which is part of Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen”.
- You will get an introduction to Augmented Reality. What is it, what kind of different types are there and how can it be used.
- We will research how Augmented Reality can be used in the context of a live opera. The outcome of this research will be used for the live performance on the 16th of December
- You will learn the basics of 3d-animation
- You will learn to make your own augmented reality prototypes

In case you have questions about this introductory course, you are welcome to send an e-mail to Wim van Eck (