1st Pop-Up Gallery: Graphic Design

The AR Lab and the research department Innovative Visualisation Techniques of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague will organise a series of Pop-Up Galleries and lectures together with the lecture programme Studium Generale, that investigate how Augmented Reality can be used by artists. The first Pop-Up Gallery will take place on Thursday 15 November 2012 and opens at 17:00 hrs in the rooms around the Auditorium of the Academy. Students of the Graphic Design Department will show their work and graphic designer Niels Schräder and AR-artist Sander Veenhof will give lectures. After the lectures, around 19:00 hrs the Pop Up Gallery will be opened. Check out Studium Generale's website as well!

17:00 hrs Lectures

Niels Schräder, graphic designer, Mind Design talks about “Unravel the Web – Network structures of the Internet” on breaking through linear forms of reading, and new publishing formats on the Internet. for example, what type of website is a good artist's website? Sander Veenhof is a new media artist and he will discuss his work and Augmented Reality.

19:00 hrs Pop-Up Gallery

Opening 1st Pop-Up Gallery on Augmented Reality, afterwards a prize is awarded by the jury, consisting of:

Yolande Kolstee - head of the AR Lab and research department IVT, and honorary judges Niels Schräder and Sander Veenhof.