1st Pop-Up Gallery: Graphic Design - photo report

On Thursday 15 November 2012, the AR Lab organised the first in a string of Pop-Up Galleries, which attracted a lot of interest, in close collaboration with the research department Innovative Visualisation Techniques and the Royal Academy of Art’s Studium Generale. For the first edition, students of the Graphic Design Department were asked to work on the concept of AR.

The students were supervised by instructors Dirk Vis and Arnoud van den Heuvel. The event was presented by Dirk Vis and at the end of the evening, Studium Generale’s speakers Niels Schräder and Sander Veenhof were joined by head of the AR Lab, Yolande Kolstee to give out awards for the best projects. Below you will get an impression of this very successful evening.

Jente Hoogeveen was one the winners with her project 'Had je dat gedicht?' (roughly translated as 'How does that rhyme with you?').

Jorick de Quaasteniet was the other winner, he won an award for his project 'Get your shit together.'