4th Pop-Up Gallery: Interactive/Media/Design - photo report

The AR Lab's fourth and last Pop-Up Gallery of the current study year took place on 23 May 2013. Interactive Media Design in Wonderland was a great succes! Students were supervised by lecturers Casper Koomen and Nick van 't End, who helped them to create very diverse, interactive and autonomous art pieces. Special thanks goes out to the efforts of Tomas Navarro - guest artist, as well as Cox & Grusenmeyer - designers and Annelein Pompe - artist, who gave lectures, invited by Studium Generale.

Awinash Panchu, Martin Risseeuw and Rob van der Burg were awarded prizes for their work.

The jury consisted of,

Wim van Eck - 3D expert of the AR Lab

Yolande Kolstee - head of the research department IVT and the AR Lab

and honorary judge,

Hanna Schraffenberger - lecturer at Leiden University