Augmented Letter Soup (AR)

The Netherlands is a country where a rich tradition in typographical design not only manifests itself in the creation of excellent typefaces for print but also for consumption and the arts. Dutch people are – as Gert Dumbar puts it – also letter-eaters, as illustrated by traditional Dutch letter chocolate and letter pasta. For the 325th anniversary of the leading typography design institute in Europe, the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (where the AR Lab is located), refers to this national passion for typography by creating “Augmented Letter Soup”, a project which utilises AR technology to rethink the function of letters in an innovative installation combining typography with interior and interaction design. Visitors can wear an AR headset to see and experience a virtual, typographic interior placed in a real, physical environment and write text in augmented space using 3D, animated letters attached to tangible optical markers (fiducials).