Graduation project Hide/Seek

We helped Julie Vanderbeck, a graphic design student who graduated last summer at the Sint-Lukas Brussel, to realize her graduation project Hide/Seek. In her own words:

"Hide/Seek is my very own and first clothing line, which started as a graduation project. In some traditional communities clothes 'speak' their very own language. A language that can only be read if you're part of the same culture. I did research about these cultures and their hidden messages. How is the message made into clothing and what do they communicate most of the time? Inspired by all these examples and beautiful patterns I started to create my very own hidden messages.

Therefore I designed patterns which you can scan by smartphone. Once scanned the message reveals itself on your phone. This can be a short text, a link to a website or even a picture or movie. You can order 'ready-made clothes' with patterns and messages I choose, but there's also the possibility to choose your very own hidden message, which I then make into a pattern. On every piece of clothing I attached a customized label so people who know about the collection also know when a piece of clothing can be scanned."

Check out Julie's website.