Installation based on Govert Flinck's painting Isaac blessing Jacob

The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed - RCE) invited us to develop an installation based on the painting 'Isaac Blessing Jacob' by Govert Flinck on show in the Museum Catharijneconvent. This way we aim to make technological research about art accessible in a playful way and for a broad audience. Building upon our work for the Van Gogh Museum, we will create an installation which offers visitors to the museum a playful way to interact with this scientific data. In this project we will work together with Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht where the painting is on display, and the Cutural Heritage Agency.

Govert Flinck, Isaac blessing Jacob, 1633-1634, Catharijnecovent Utrecht (Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands).