MeMachine: bio-technology, privacy and transparency

Imagine a future where everything you do is filed and catalogued by wearing a high-tech data suit outfitted with sensors measuring bodily functions such heart rate, respiration and sweat secretion. Welcome to MeMachine, a technological and artistic project, headed by documentary filmmaker Monique Nolte, that aims to fuel the discussion about current privacy issues by presenting an extreme vision of the future. Many parties work together on the project, most notably Delft University of Technology's sections of BioMechatronics and BioRobotics (Professor Frans van der Helm) and Vision Based Robotics (Professor Pieter Jonker).

These two sections are currently developing the data suit and corresponding computer systems. The AR Lab takes on an advisory role in the project and supports it further by providing content for MeMachine's website. Find more information on this innovative project at (in Dutch) or stay updated via Facebook and Twitter. On Friday 16 August 2013 at 13.45 hrs Pieter Jonker will give a lecture during Lowlands University 2013 (organised by Lowlands and Coolpolitics) about the various topics that will be addressed in MeMachine.