Pop-Up Galleries 2012-2013 organised by the AR Lab

The AR Lab and the research department Innovative Visualisation Techniques, both headed by Yolande Kolstee, coordinated four Pop-Up Galleries alongside four lectures organised by the Royal Academy of Art’s lecture programme, Studium Generale. A Pop-Up Gallery is an exhibition of limited duration – one evening only. These events enabled students from different departments at the Academy to showcase the results of their research into the artistic possibilities of new media – specifically Augmented Reality (AR). During the last two Pop-Up Galleries guest artists were invited to show their work with AR.

After Studium Generale’s lectures, which were curated in collaboration with the research department IVT, students, teachers and other guests were led to the temporary exhibit to view the works on display (and to enjoy some complimentary refreshments) by students and guest artists who have explored the potential of new techniques such as Augmented Reality. The events’ organisational duties resided with Dirk Vis on behalf of the research department IVT. A booklet was made for each Pop-Up Gallery with an overview of the students’ works.

1st AR Lab Pop-Up Gallery: Graphic Design on 15 November 2012

Lecturer(s) – Dirk Vis and Arnoud van den Heuvel

Judges – Wim van Eck (3D expert of the AR Lab) and Yolande Kolstee (head of the AR Lab and research department IVT)

Honorary judge(s) – Niels Schräder and Sander Veenhof

Winners – Jente Hoogeveen with ‘Had je dat gedicht?’ (‘How does that rhyme with you?’) and Jorick de Quaasteniet with ‘Get your shit together’

2nd AR Lab Pop-Up Gallery: Photography on 21 February 2013

Lecturer(s) – Ferenc Molnár and Pawel Pokutycki

Judges – Wim van Eck and Yolande Kolstee

Honorary judge(s) – Pieter Jonker (professor at TU-Delf) and Martin Sjardijn (media artist)

Winning team – Jorien de Waard, Sem Langendijk and Rinske Former with ‘Retreat’

3rd AR Lab Pop-Up Gallery: Fine Art on 23 March 2013

Lecturer(s) – Nick van ‘t End

Theme – Augmented Reality of the Unconscious

Guest artist – Lieven van Velthoven

Judges – Wim van Eck and Yolande Kolstee

Honorary judge(s) – Martin Sjardijn and Lieven van Velthoven (media artist)

Winners – Anna Lotte Peperkamp and Tobias Lengkeek

4th AR Lab Pop-Up Gallery: Interactive/Media/Design on 23 May 2013

Lecturer(s) – Nick van ‘t End and Casper Koomen

Theme – Interactive Media Design in Wonderland

Guest artist – Tomas Navarro

Judges – Wim van Eck and Yolande Kolstee

Honorary judge(s) – Hanna Schraffenberger (lecturer at Leiden University)

Winners – Awinash Panchu, Martin Risseeuw and Rob van der Burg