Smart Replicas project: the first results

Graphic Design students at the KABK have completed a number of projects under Gert Dumbar's guidance for the Smart Replicas project. This project is a collaborative effort between Studio Maaike Roozenburg, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, the AR Lab and Delft University of Technology.

With seven tea cups from Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen's collection, a story is told how porcelain came to The Netherlands. Knowledge about these tea cups is not only available in the museum: Smart Replicas' goal is to link information to the tea cups themselves. Additionally, the aim is to restore the fragile tea cups’ intended use through reverse engineering; to print them out on a 3D printer for example. How the project progressed can be read on Maaike Roozenburg's blog (Dutch only). A magazine has also been made about the project.

The first results of the Smart Replicas project can already be admired here! A special message is revealed on Tomas Komen’s website (keep clicking on the image and move your mouse back and forth to reveal a ‘hidden’ layer). Machteld Stoop has made an animation video about the decoration on one of the tea cups. Reni van der Gragt worked together with Sanne Kloppenburg to create two projections that are accompanied by a narrator and music.

A Journey Of Decorations - Machteld Stoop