Smart Replicas project: Design Column #4 The Circle Is Round

Design Column #4 The Circle Is Round features four stories that provide a counterweight to the current tendency towards withdrawal and defence. In different ways the projects show that thinking in terms of boundaries and linear developments is by no means always relevant. When doors appear to close, opportunities arise elsewhere. The ‘plastic soup’ in the ocean is not bound by national borders. Newer and bigger is not always better. Growth is cyclical; the circle is round.

Pop-Up Galleries 2012-2013 organised by the AR Lab

The AR Lab and the research department Innovative Visualisation Techniques, both headed by Yolande Kolstee, coordinated four Pop-Up Galleries alongside four lectures organised by the Royal Academy of Art’s lecture programme, Studium Generale. A Pop-Up Gallery is an exhibition of limited duration – one evening only. These events enabled students from different departments at the Academy to showcase the results of their research into the artistic possibilities of new media – specifically Augmented Reality (AR).