marina de haas

Drops of white (AR+SOUND)

The Augmented Reality and light installation 'Drops of white' by Marina de Haas was presented at the exhibition 'Untitled - artist in the building' in February 2008. From the project description by the artist: "Drops of white - order, symmetry, rhythm, movement. Drops of white - light is light, transparent, changing, intangible."

Out of the blue at TodaysArt Festival (AR+SOUND)

AR Lab's artist in residence, Marina de Haas, worked with Wim van Eck, Jan Willem Brandenburg, Jurjen Caarls and Alwin van Rooij to create a unique audio-visual AR environment made of round objects leading back to the basics of all organic shapes on earth. The elliptical shapes come out of the walls and find their way into the exhibition space. When you wear the Augmented Reality headset you must stay in a circle of 1.50 meter around the table, which is set in the middle of the space near the wall. Here you will see and hear spheres flying through the space.