MeMachine: bio-technology, privacy and transparency

Imagine a future where everything you do is filed and catalogued by wearing a high-tech data suit outfitted with sensors measuring bodily functions such heart rate, respiration and sweat secretion. Welcome to MeMachine, a technological and artistic project, headed by documentary filmmaker Monique Nolte, that aims to fuel the discussion about current privacy issues by presenting an extreme vision of the future.

Pop-Up Galleries 2012-2013 organised by the AR Lab

The AR Lab and the research department Innovative Visualisation Techniques, both headed by Yolande Kolstee, coordinated four Pop-Up Galleries alongside four lectures organised by the Royal Academy of Art’s lecture programme, Studium Generale. A Pop-Up Gallery is an exhibition of limited duration – one evening only. These events enabled students from different departments at the Academy to showcase the results of their research into the artistic possibilities of new media – specifically Augmented Reality (AR).