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Research started on new visualisation techniques (in education) at Art Academies

Research into the use of new visualisation techniques in Art Academies has begun, as part of the research department Innovative Visualisation Techniques. We have joined forces with collegues from, amongst others, the Rijksakademie and HKU. Teachers and workshop staff who are involved in this domain are welcome to join the research group. Please subscribe via

The study will consist of four reports:

Market Research AR in museums: IST project KABK students

From September to November 2011, we are enlisting help from our AR-Troops for market research on the use of AR in the cultural domain. In this practical research group students will identify where and how augmented reality is used in cultural and artistic domains. Students (individually or in small groups) will go on fieldtrips to museums we identified as important in this field to interview curators or other staff. The goal is to get information on the value, the appreciation and importance of augmented reality and other innovative visualisation techniques for museums.


AR-Troops: We still are looking for students who wish to form a group of market-researchers. Students from all departments are welcome to join.